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FACILITIES AND AMENITIES For the us of all guests at Dickson Park, andATTRACTIONS to see and do in and around the area

Facilities for the use of all guests staying at Dickson Park

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Stuff to see and do in and close to Dickson Park

One of the main attractions at Dickson Park for visitors from New Zealand and all over the world is the bush walking and the famous Coromandel Forest Park. Tracks such as the now famous 'Rocky's Goldmine Trail' starting at the gate to Dickson Park and the Tararu valley with it's 'Black Hole' waterfall attract visitors from 4 to 84 years old! Our central location and proximity to the Kaueranga valley and the Coromandel Forest Park make us a great central location for individual hikers, explorers and tramping groups alike. Fishing is another great attraction that brings people to this area and, of course, the heritage of one of New Zealands oldest towns with it's rich history as a gold mining centre. The gold hasn't all gone from Thames so for guests at the camp we have free gold pans for you to try your luck. We have tried the pans and found gold but we are still running a camping ground so maybe you won't get rich but it can be a lot of fun.

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